in the future, your drug dealer will be a printer

Scoring drugs is one of life’s great pains in the ass. […] But don’t worry, it won’t always be this way. Scientists are working on a solution. That solution is 3D printed drugs. Instead of having to go and get drugs from the scary outside world you’ll be able to print custom drugs adapted to whatever your needs are, right there at home, in your bedroom. – Kevin Holmes, [via On3DPrinting]

A related link to Jamie’s post: 3D Rx: The Future of Drug Manufacture and Delivery?

As well, I have sincere doubts that the criminal law consequence would be a legal vacuum. I’m sure governments will find a way of trying to enforce existing drug laws:

And you won’t even need to worry about the legality of drugs any more, because there won’t be any drug laws, because drugs will be so tailored it’ll be impossible for the state to keep up without resorting to selling them itself.

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